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Dancefloor game should ideally be a combination of silliness that’s going to add fun, joking banter, and sexually intentful dancing

Dancefloor game should ideally be a combination of silliness that’s going to add fun, joking banter, and sexually intentful dancing

By the end of this article…

The dance floor will be demystified for you; you will know how to use it to create the sexual tension, emotional spikes, physical momentum, and even a bit of the jealousy that seduction requires.

This article is my brain dump from +12 years of clubbing, on multiple continents and countries and I also worked in nightclubs for 4 years as a promoter throwing parties. So I’ve been an observer of everything from really great dancefloor game to just abysmal performances. I enjoy dancing and the relationships that can result from the dance floor. My foremost passions for many years have been personal development and healthy living; so actually, a lot of this time spent on the dance floor I was totally sober, I’m not a recovering alcoholic but I do frequent periods of intermittent sobriety. As a quintessential geek, my sober, over-analytical mind refused to accept that picking up chicks at a club was just a matter of playing the numbers. So my dance floor game has developed as a result of my passion for processes that produce consistent results.

x27;Natural Game’ Interactions, 1. What’s Amusing or Curiosity Provoking to You Right Now, 2. Something…

  • There are few things that girls find more fun than a night on the dance floor, if you know how to cut loose on the dance floor and hold her attention she’s going to associate that fun with you.
  • It undeniably accelerates the process of physical rapport (kino).
  • I have a good job, I’m fairly responsible, and I was raised to be a gentleman so (probably like yourself) I used to always fall into the dreaded “provider frame” with the girls I liked; meaning that we end up spending a lot of money, going on a lot of dates and having to be approved by a girl’s friends before actually closing the deal. The dance floor is a place that I can show her I’m not just another ‘nice guy’ and help her perceive me more as the kind of sexy, fun guy that she wants to sleep with, NOW.
  • If you think back on your personal “Sebastian’s List” (a dairy of girls you have slept with) for how many entries is dancing a part of the initial seduction? I bet it is for many of them.
  • The dancefloor is a great place to practice ‘drawing state from within’ if you watch infield videos of world-class PUA’s they are really silly and obviously able to entertain themselves on the dance floor.

I’m very average in the looks department; I’m relatively short, skinny and a little cross eyed (photos below). Better looking guys do better at clubs, guys like me (and you?) have to make up for it with confidence, social calibration, fashion sense, persistence, and standing out by being a little outrageous.

The Secret to Approaching on a Dance floor or in a Club…

Once I while was sitting in an outdoor beach club in Costa Rica, I spied a sexy tourist dancing alone not far away. The club was a restaurant during the day so to approach her from the front I had to walk around a couple of these fancy cement tables. As I was confidently striding towards her, I hit my knee HARD, on the corner of one of the cement benches around a table (it was dark and I was a little drunk). I collapsed on the bench for a few minutes while pain throbbed through my leg, when the pain had subsided, the sexy tourist was still there dancing alone, so I hobbled over and actually danced with her.The moral of the story is that you rarely get the opportunity to open a single girl, standing still, and facing you. The secret to overcoming this is elbows…

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