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His towne and additionally is established by the Romans vpon the newest Mediterran sea, that’s on the twelue kilometers distant out-of Alger

His towne and additionally is established by the Romans vpon the newest Mediterran sea, that’s on the twelue kilometers distant out-of Alger

His mountaine getting three kilometers distant of Tremisen, was better peopled, and you may aboundeth with all of kinde off fresh fruit, particularly having figges and cherries

Of towne away from Temendfust. Vnto it towne belongeth a faire hauen, where ships of Alger was securely harboured, to have it haue no other hauen therefore commodious. It towne was at length destroied by the Goths, as well as the most useful area of the wall surface from Alger was based to the stones which came from the newest wall with the towne.39

Of towne from Teddeles. His towne depending by the Africans vpon the Mediterran sea, being thirtie kilometers distant regarding Alger, is enuironed with many ancient and you will good walles. The very best part of the society try dyers out of content, and this by the need of all of the riuers and you can streames powering through the center of the same. He or she is of a great liberall and you will ingenuous aura, and will enjoy many of them vpon the brand new citterne and you may lute. Their industries try fertill, and you can abounding that have corne. Their apparell is really very good: a part of them are pleased for the angling, in addition they need such variety off fishes, that they freely giue them to euery bodie, which is the end in that there is zero fish-markets within towne.40

His mountaine standeth westward out-of Telensin almost fiftie miles, one to front side thereof bordering vpon the desert off Garet, and the contrary vpon this new desert of Angad. In length it extendeth fiue and you can twentie, plus

bredth nearly fifteene miles, and is also exceeding large and hard to climb up. They hath diuers woods broadening vpon they, which build high store regarding Carobs, which the society vse to own a keen ordinarie kinde out of foode: getting they haue high require from barly. Listed here are diuers cottages populated with valiant and you will stout boys. Vpon the top this mountaine standeth a strong castle, by which all of the principall males of your mountaine stay, between who there are often dissentions, to have there’s not one of them just about woulde be sole gouernour of your mountaine. I my selfe had conuersation with a few of these bbw free hookup, who We know from the king from Fez his courtroom, where end up in I happened to be honorably intertained from the them. This new troops with the mountaine are practically 10 thousand.41 Out-of mount Matgara. Their surpassing high and you will colde mountaine hath great shop out-of society, and that is nearly sixe miles faraway out of Ned Roma. The new people is actually valiant, although not most rich : for it mountaine yeeldeth nought but barly and you may Carobs. It speake all the you to code into folks of Ned Roma, and so are ioined such group with these people, that they’ll often guide each other resistant to the queen away from Telensin.42

The populace is actually sauage, rude, and vnciuill some body, and so are during the continuall warre toward folks of Hunain, to ensure that quite often they haue almost vtterly destroied the towne

Away from mount Gualhasa. Their highest mountaine standeth nigh vnto the fresh towne out of Hunain. It mountaine yeeldeth higher shop out-of Carobs, and you may however, absolutely nothing corne.43

T” l Their mountaine try populated with individuals regarding base conX dition and you can subiect with the towne away from Oran. All of them get it done husbandrie, and you can carrie woode vnto Oran. Just like the Moores enioied Oran, their state was a bit most readily useful: but just like the Christians got palms thereof they haue beene driuen to help you extreame miserie.44 Out-of mount Beni Guerened. The fresh populace are some ones colliers, certain timber-mongers, while the deposit husbandmen. And you may using this onely mountaine (as i was advised from the king from Telensin their Secretarie) you will find yeerely gathered having tribute, the fresh new summe off twelue thousand ducats.46

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