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It had been previously well stored having populace, being the headcitie of your own whole prouince

It had been previously well stored having populace, being the headcitie of your own whole prouince

It towne used to be subiect vnto the fresh Goths, however, fell a while later towards the Mahumetans possession

Their higher and you can ancient towne depending by Africans vpon an excellent certaine bay otherwise hauen of Mediterran sea, containeth almost a few thousand families. It had good iurisdiction otherwise territorie that belong thereto, and you will collected higher abundance out-of yron and you may honie, whereupon the fresh new towne it selfe was titled Mellela, hence term inside their vocabulary signifieth honie. From the hauen regarding the towne they fish for pearles, and just have higher shop regarding oisters whereby pearles doe reproduce. The Goths being chased thence, fled ouer to help you Granada, and this citie is close to an hundred or so miles distant, in order to laughs, therefore farre since the bredth of one’s water was ouer.182 Within my time the fresh king away from Spaine sent a armie against this towne : up until the arriual whereof, new townesmen sent vnto this new queen regarding Fez to own guide, exactly who and then make warre once the then resistant to the folks of Temesna, you will definitely post however, short forces in order to succour her or him. Which the townesmen becoming aduertised regarding, and you will fearing minimum its short forces create prooue as well weake to own the fresh new Spanyards higher armada, it tooke most of the purse and luggage which they you are going to carie, and you will escaped vnto the fresh new hills regarding Buthoia.183 Howbeit the captaine of your own Fessan soldiers, one another becoming reuenged vpon the newest townesmens cowardice, and leaue absolutely nothing toward Spanyards to inioy, burnt downe the domiciles, temples, and you will structures. It was done in brand new yeere of your Hegeira 896, which had been regarding yeere of our Lord 1487. Nevertheless Spanyards, for everybody it found the brand new citie very wasted, won’t leave thereupon, however, first-built

Their towne is actually out of Mellela aboue twenty miles distant

edified by the towne-walles, and also by one meanes haue kept palms Spaniards. thereof euen right until this day.184 Of one’s towne off Chasasa.

It hath beene a famous towne and firmly walled, which have an excellent royall hauen that belong thereunto, which was ycerely visited by Venetian ships. The new townesmen haue alwaies had higher traffique towards the individuals of Fez, on exceeding commoditie of these both. In detail, since the queen regarding Fez try seriously imployed on warres, Don Ferdinando king out-of Spaine came with high forces against Chasasa removed they, and you may wan it effortlessly; into the society becoming ards. are aduertised of the Spanyards approch, betooke themselues wholy so you’re able to airline.185 Of tozvne from Tezzota.

T standeth vpon an highest grauelly mountain nearly fifteene kilometers off Chasasa, and you may hath but a narrow passage so you’re able to rise vp vnto it. In the towne they haue no water however, onely out of one cesterne. The fresh founders hereof are advertised so you’re able to haue beene a number of the familie regarding Beni Mann, prior to they attained vnto great dominions, and in so it towne they placed vice president the corne or other of its products. At the time was basically all deserts of your region adiacent gap off danger, into the Arabians weren’t as yet owned regarding Garet: but following familie regarding Beni Matin started initially to flourish, they remaining which towne and all of the region out of Garet vnto the neighbours, and you can went along to live-in top prouinces. Howbeit regarding the meane seasons Joilie (I know perhaps not vpon exactly what event) you might say vtterly destroied Tezzota : but following Christians had been owned of Chasasa, one of many king from Fez their captaines becoming a beneficial valiant man and you will borne inside

Granada, had licence of their prince to help you reedifie it againe. The fresh new people on the reedified towne are Moores, and therefore are from the continuall warre into Christians off Chasasan.186 Of your own towne from Meggeo.

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