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Since then, Clark began to look back over Chloe again

Since then, Clark began to look back over Chloe again

When a secret agency wished to recruit members of the community of heroes, they kidnapped Chloe to force Clark and Oliver to join them. When Clark went to rescue her, the leader of the agency, Amanda Waller, claimed him to have left his most valuable ally so vulnerable and made him see the importance that Chloe has inside the community heroes. Clark revealed his secret identity to rescue her and after saving her, he apologized for having neglected her, to which she replies that he didn’t neglect her but rather put her to one side of the road and went away when he didn’t needed her anymore. Chloe told him that she made the decision to help the world and that knew what she was getting into when she decided that.

While Chloe helped Clark to discover what Lois has been hiding from him, Clark was infected with red kryptonite and discovered the arsenals of kryptonite that Chloe has been hiding but thought that it was from Tess. Chloe confessed that the arsenals are hers. She tried to explain but Clark became angry that she didn’t tell him and knocked her to the ground. Chloe found out what made Clark behave irrationally and then teamed up with Tess and John Corben to return him to normal.

When Chloe found Lois’s plans to have a dinner with Clark to come clean with everything, she warned Clark about it. Later, she revealed him that the one who has been calling Lois pretending to be The Blur was Zod.

After Zod and his troops decided to rebel against the planet, Chloe warned Clark that it was time to make a definitive move.

With the Watchtower systems unusable, Chloe tried to help Clark as possible, while trying to rebuild the place. She confessed that after he left, she sought refuge in the virtual world to escape the loneliness, but now that she had Oliver, she wanted to connect with the real world again and not spoil what she had because she was definitely not a hero. Clark told her that she was try this website such a hero as he and the rest and if it were not for her, anything they had achieved so far wouldn’t have happened. Clark asked Chloe to return to being Watchtower by him, and then she accepted.

When Clark confronted Chloe about the slowness, she revealed that the Watchtower’s computers were ready to work but the problem was her

On the day of the battle against the Kandorians, Chloe recruited all of their league heroes to help defend the world and Clark displayed the Book of Rao, which could help them achieve victory. Chloe was excited to get the device but when Clark explained the effects that it would have, Chloe was upset to learn that she would lose Clark forever yet understood the sacrifice needed to be made and encouraged Clark to do so saying that probably that was his destiny. After Clark agreed to use the Book of Rao to send the Kryptonians to another world and says goodbye to all his teammates, Chloe, devastated by Clark’s decision, said that she was proud of him and walked off in tears before Clark could say goodbye to her. Clark tried to go after her but Oliver stopped him saying that goodbye to your best friend was always painful and that she needed to be alone.

Year Five

“I always knew you were destined for big things, Chloe. And I know no matter what we’ll still be in each other’s lives.””You know I’ll always be here for you. You know that, right?””I do.” – Clark and Chloe, Fortune

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