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That have Sugou moved and you will immediately after to buy their date, Asuna renders this lady earliest you will need to getting away from ALfheim On the internet

That have Sugou moved and you will immediately after to buy their date, Asuna renders this lady earliest you will need to getting away from ALfheim On the internet

Attempting to assuring her or him out-of the lady location, Asuna rapidly believes and you can seems to put down the Administrator Supply Card she managed to and acquire throughout the her avoid try

While you are wanting to to get the overall game unit out-of ALO and you will record away, Asuna rather finds an area in which experiments are carried out into 300 comatose SAO survivors. Asuna finds out Sugou has built a secret laboratory contained in this ALfheim On the internet so you can secretly perform some experiments without causing uncertainty towards the himself into the real life when you find yourself still keeping his plot a secret. Asuna is absolutely astonished and horrified of your advancement and pledges to store the participants, but is obligated to cover up out upon seeing a couple of slug experts close. While in hiding, Asuna seems to discover online game system that is nearly succeessful in releasing by herself, however, is caught during the the woman avoid test from the several slug boffins. Asuna tries to secret him or her, but so you’re able to no get which will be almost molested but is able to protect herself. The newest experts acknowledge Asuna since the lady Sugou enjoys hostage on the top the nation Tree and you can declaration out of her tried refrain so you’re able to Sugou. Once being informed, Sugou teaches the two to carry Asuna to her cage, as well as alter the password so you’re able to their crate and may now keep ongoing watch on her behalf. Even with the lady recapture, Asuna cannot lose hope in the escaping and vows she’ll never ever stop up to she finds out an approach to feel 100 % free and you can reunite which have Kirito. Asuna is additionally shown for covertly were able to steal the fresh new an access credit for the game console.

Eventually a little while adopting the incidents, Asuna hears Yui calling over to the woman. Asuna is both astonished and you will alleviated to listen Yui’s sound, leading to this lady to find out Kirito and Yui is actually regional and they are next to protecting the lady. As a result of this, Asuna seems to assure Kirito and you will Yui away from the woman venue and you may this lady attention to the journey so you can save the lady.

Everntually, immediately after wearing assistance from several partners through the their journey, Kirito finally managed to get to reach the top of the world Tree and you will is at a lot of time history reunited that have Asuna. Yui and you may Asuna express good heartfelt tearful reunion just like the events from SAO and you may Asuna and you can Kirito joyfully reunite along shortly after are aside for a long time. But not, Yui reveals Asuna can’t log away because the girl position try banned with complicated rules and will just be freed which have a good system console. Asuna tries to tell them of one’s system she utilized in fabswingers app the new try research, nevertheless the threesome try abruptly ambushed that have an as yet not known good force holding him or her off. Yui is unable to remain that’s obligated to decrease, however just before alerting Asuna and you may Kirito away from an unknown chances handling. Asuna and Kirito attempt to reach out for example several other, nevertheless the unknown force is just too good as well as are broke up. Sugou reveals themselves toward couples, sharing he is becoming held down of the recently authored Gravity Wonders. Sugou totally exposes their intends to Kirito, discussing their imprisonment of 300 comatose SAO Survivors with his studies toward individual head almost finished and you may totally declaring their values the guy has never gained new vitality out of a god.

Sugou stabbed Kirito together with individual sword as he chained Asuna and started initially to intimately physical violence the girl right in front from Kirito

Just after bringing in his plans, Sugou proceeded so you can torture each other Asuna and you may Kirito. However, Kirito soon managed to access the service using Akihiko Kayaba’s Heathcliff ID and you can battled against Sugou, punishing your when it comes to suffering he triggered Asuna, soon conquering himpleting their trip and you will gaining revenge, Kirito frees Asuna regarding ALO, ultimately coming back her towards real life and you may encouraging observe their in the near future.

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