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They (Zachary and you will Katelyn) begin to speak about drawings towards structure and you may while making fun out of them

They (Zachary and you will Katelyn) begin to speak about drawings towards structure and you may while making fun out of them

Zachary informs her to obtain the girl ass upwards getting college or university shuttle however, Katelyn says to your which is her old coach, getting Cedartown Secondary school. She dont stroll so you’re able to Rockmart since it is too much of the feet. Zachary says he’ll begin waking their up-and this woman is available to they.

Claims this woman is soft and you can works out a beneficial snowman (again). Says AJ ‘s the only kid she will actually ever have confidence in this lady lives. Abbi starts using mobile.

I’m not one hundred% sure who has got Bobby and you may who’s Zach (voice-wise) during this load however, i think i might have it best.

Enjoys him really

Luke enters that it chat. Phone calls him Luke and Lukey pookie (almost claims dookie unintentionally lol). She however looks being unsure of about their updates of being along with her nonetheless. The lady decisions when getting together with him is very some some other.

Phone was undetectable. Tammy smacks AJ to your butt difficult once or twice getting shutting off new white and stating “touching it again and you can i am going to crack your fuckin hands”.

Girl (maybe Taylor) is trying so you can convince AJ to the cleaning up the space and you will that have confident support eg it’s a game to relax and play.

She can still end up being distressed with Luke a little just like the she provides the camera a peek and not extremely talking-to Luke just like this lady has in past times.

Katelyn: (giggles) “I am not sure exactly why you query that can cause you understand your often. (she claims one thing collectively those outlines)” Claims something else entirely so you can Luke: “If you find yourself . Luke . I do not even know as to why you will do that”

She wants your too-much

Katelyn covers mobile. Bobby talks sweet so you can Katelyn and you will says one to one thing try unsafe, for example a fire risk, most likely the mobile battery charger? Bobby states he experienced bad for being forced to spank AJ. He states “you to sucks.” He doesn’t want AJ to believe they are indicate. Bobby says when she is younger however only imagine so you’re able to spank the lady by hitting his toes. livelinks Katelyn demonstrably gets including Bobby. Claims he will make when the she washes ingredients.

Bobby states: “Take your phone in right here. durrr. ” Anyone (Zach) states they merely has four plates and you will a scoop.

Katelyn sets cellular telephone by the sink for the rest of the new stream. She has discussions having Bobby. Bobby has a goofy make fun of.

Katelyn claims she wouldn’t/would not possess children until she graduated university. Katelyn states she wants carrots. Katelyn try kidding with Bobby. Katelyn has taken care of Abbi and AJ getting number of years.

States things from the moon crickets, these are shutting off hip hop tunes towards tv, with no one more knows just what it setting. Shows you it is an excellent racial epithet.

Abbi repeats moon crickets and claims letter word, “your an excellent nigger.” Katelyn becomes upset regarding the this lady saying it. Abbi is contacting people unsightly and you may recurring new n phrase once again.

Katelyn converts the digital camera and whispers, “oh my personal goodness. i’m likely to slashed/knife (myself/them/em most of the?)” Uncertain just what she lipped/whispered which can be some embarrassed concerning the racial content. She provides cam peace indication.

She finds blade, scissors within the drawer, does not select torch (it’s towards the shelf AJ says) “discover certain fascinating some thing up truth be told there.”

She laughs which have Bobby once again concerning the yellow flashlight. Claims creeping doing and you may acting becoming police, to scare somebody, is some thing she’d carry out.

Katelyn asks if the she ate far when she was younger. Bobby says she ate the newest stuff most babies don’t including, like environmentally friendly kidney beans and collard veggies. Katelyn said that she appreciated spinach but still does, “it is a great.” She naturally gets in addition to Bobby that’s with good evening. Bobby had the device for her you to definitely she purposes for the streams (She got the device to December fifth). She was on the mobile maximum but Bobby assisted and you may got the a few (Tammy and you may Katelyn) to speak. Bobby wanted to score Katelyn to acquire Tammy to-name your however, his phone wouldn’t ring otherwise any type of.

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