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Which should have become Ali, his successor, who died in the A great

Which should have become Ali, his successor, who died in the A great

Tissot signifies that maybe Leo watched which document along with other present of his afterwards-gotten erudition, throughout the his household inside Rome

Real stays of Roman skeleton keeps, although not, however that can be found, even though the Anlonine Schedule prospects us to see Tremulas on the this one. H. 234 (An effective. D. 848). Leo is, however, maybe not strictly best when you look at the describing it 14 kilometers out of Este Ksar and you will six from Azila, for in fact it’s over thirty regarding former, and as committed delivered to defense the exact distance ranging from it and you may Azila is actually an hour or so and a half, within “jog-trot” out of a mule, the second must be regarding seven . 5 kilometers. As the Leo’s distances is actually real copies of these offered regarding the Antonine Schedule, while the also are those people anywhere between Zilis, Jabernae, and you can Lixes, M.

The new “jar”, or stationary village out-of Humar, is at this new base of the slopes out-of Mais aussi-Turki, involving the Wad Tuareus (Mtuarreus) es-Sahel (Lake of several Stones), while the Wad er-Raha (the brand new ” Lake of your Factory”, the latest Rio de los Molinos out of Dom Sebastian’s expedition), and that conjointly in title out-of Wad este-Halu (the fresh new old Zilla flwnen (ZiXiia 7rora[^ov ez^oXai), circulate to the Atlantic a little way northern out-of Azila. But beyond particular spoils and you may verdant orchards, you’ll find partners lines of its previous success. Marmol, indeed, indicates the career when he states their proximity towards Wad Er-Raha or Wad er-Rehan (Vet Rayhan). On Schedule away from M.

Pliny while the Antonine Itinerary are responsible for Zilis, even in the event should it be off Lybian supply was an even more puzzling concern, the latest old coins associated with Zilis supplying the sort of Aslith

Giog. Paris, Sept. Wad emergency room-Rihan, “brand new river of one’s myrtles”, is, yet not, not the new weight close and therefore Humar stands, although higher area of the Sebt, just as the straight down come to of it is the Wad el-Ghemen, “the fresh new sheep lake”. It rises from the Fahs emergency room-Rehan, extending into the western and you may southern area-to the west of Sidi el-Yemani.

in conformity having its derivation on the Roman Zilis, or Zilia, to save so you’re able to Azila. Inside Portuguese files latest through its community from it, “Arzila” ‘s the mode functioning. ” I letter ora Oceani Colonia Julia Constantia Zilis” try Pliny’s dysfunction of your own Roman precursor out of Azila. It is the Zilia out-of Pomponius Mela,new zJjXi; and you can ZsX>is off Strabo, in addition to ZiXia, ZiXi/ai, Ze/Xi’a off Ptolemy. Strabo tells us that of one’s colonists away from age out of Zilis, if this and Tingentera are not the same set. Whatsoever occurrences, Mela affirms you to Tingentera, the modern Tarifa, his birthplace, is actually peopled of the Phcenicians who had been obtained from Africa. Zilis is actually, for this reason, probably in the first place a good Phoenician payment. After all situations, it was among the first Roman territories oriented by Augustus. Inside the A great.H. 94 (An effective.D. 712), if you’re Zilis are under the jurisdiction of governor off Septa (Ceuta), it decrease towards the power of one’s Arabs. (126) Leo’s next reputation of Azila need correction, as it has given go up for some chronic issues. The newest English (Inglesi) whom grabbed and you can sacked Azila need to have started Norman gay hookups online pirates-the newest English never kept the area. Moreover, El-Bekri’s account associated with the incident are diametrically opposed to that Leo, having the guy offers the time of your attack as Good.H. 229 (Good.D. 843-844), and it is regarding a sufficiently major profile to cause the inhabitants to build an effective Ribat, or fort, on the defence of the city against coming pillagers.-Dozy, Recherches, etc., 3rd ed., t. ii, p. 264. (127) The latest need off Azila because of the Portuguese took place inside An effective.H. 876 = An excellent.D. 1471, not inside the A.H. 882 = Good.D. 1477. Abdallah (Habdulac), which have degenerated on a tyrant, is assassinated from the a resident out-of Fez known as Esh-Sherif (Esserif)-in no chance linked to the fresh new dynasty of’ ; the brand new Sherif”-just who stated are an effective descendant of your own Prophet. But the family members of the killed queen flower contrary to the regicide and you will usurper who had been selected queen of the fickle Fasees. One of several class go against Esh-Sherif are Mulai Told you Sheikh (Saic Abra), governor of Habat, a person in the fresh new Uatas or more youthful part of Beni-ily, who instantly quitted Azila and you can placed siege to Fez> but, based on Leo, try routed, whereupon the whole Um emergency room-Rbia (Temsena) country fell off from the support off ” you to Saic Abra”, that is the same individual, viz.: Mulai Told you Sheikh-new ” Muley-xeque” of your Portuguese chronicles. Chances is, however, that the latter willingly given up this new siege when he read you to definitely the new Portuguese, because of the day favorable, got drawn the chance of trapping Azila in his absence, and had delivered 5,000 slaves, together with his

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